Tackle ASCA’s Virtual Conference Like a Pro!

Tackle ASCA's Virtual Conference Like a Pro!

If you’re still a little bit bummed you had to cancel plans to attend the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association’s (ASCA) conference in Orlando as originally planned, don’t worry, you’re not alone! That said, we appreciate ASCA keeping everyone’s health and safety at the forefront of their decision-making. Pivoting this year’s meeting to a virtual platform allows Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) to continue to receive a top-notch education and allows vendors the opportunity to touch base with colleagues old and new. in2itive believes in the mission, so we’re always happy to assist ASCs by providing sponsorship at these conferences, and this year is no different!

In the interest of maximizing the experience and education, we’ve compiled a list of tips for those planning to attend ASCA’s 2020 Virtual Conference. If you weren’t already planning to attend the conference, check it out! This year offers the chance to get all of the same education, without the added travel expense or time away from family. Here’s what you need to know to make the most of it.

Be prompt. Log into the platform as soon as it opens to work through any potential I.T. problems. The platform opens to attendees on today, July 7th. Check your registered email for the link!

Be strategic about which sessions you attend live. While you will eventually have the opportunity to watch each session, you will not be able to attend every session live. Review the schedule and decide which sessions you are most likely to have questions/discussion topics on. Attend those sessions live so you can interact with the speaker and the attendees in real time.

Make use of the extended availability of sessions. At most ASCA conferences, attendees will have the opportunity to obtain a maximum of 18 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). This year, attendees will be able to obtain 26 CEUs because you will have the opportunity to go back and watch recordings of sessions that were being held simultaneously. (The platform will remain open through October 31st, 2020.)

Browse the vendors. Check out new products and services on your own terms. We know it can be intimidating to approach a booth full of sales people, so take advantage of the platform by browsing vendors from afar and use the platform to express interest in a few companies you’d like to get to learn more about.

Don’t forget the give-a-ways! Life is about taking advantage of every opportunity, right? The annual ASCA conference is known for some awesome give-a-ways. Be sure to take a look at this year’s offering and register to win!

There’s no doubt we’d rather be having a cocktail and socializing with all of you in Orlando. That said, at in2itive we are used to tackling adversity and pivoting our strategy to ensure meet our goals. We look forward to making the most of the virtual conference and hopefully getting to chat with several of you along the way. Take care and be well!

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