Revenue Cycle Audit

Uncover obstacles to maximizing your revenue streams

The revenue cycle for your ambulatory surgical center (ASC) begins the moment your staff establishes an account for a patient — and doesn’t come to a successful close until all reimbursement and patient payments have been collected. Billing for a single patient visit can take weeks or months and involves many players through the process, opening the door to errors that can reduce revenue or slow it to a crawl. A revenue cycle management (RCM) audit can alert you to errors or delays that can be remedied in order to ensure you get the revenue you’re owed in less time.

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RCM Audits Uncover Barriers to Reimbursement Accuracy and Efficiency

A revenue cycle management audit by in2itive Business Solutions can identify issues in your A.R. process that are preventing you from getting paid the full amount in the quickest time possible for the healthcare services your ASC provides.

The in2itive Revenue Cycle Audit Process

Your audit will include a review of the entire workflow process for your revenue cycle:

When the audit is complete, we’ll provide a written executive summary of findings and make recommendations for fine-tuning your process for improved net revenue results.

Schedule Your Revenue Cycle Audit

Learn how an RCM audit from in2itive Business Solutions can help your practice.

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