About Us

in2itive Business Solutions is a fully integrated revenue cycle management and healthcare consulting firm.

Why Choose in2itive?

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About Us

It takes 2 to do so many things-and it takes at least that many to manage the revenue, billing and claims processing for your healthcare business office. That is where in2itive comes in.

in2itive Business Solutions is a full-service healthcare revenue cycle management and consultation firm. We have spent the last decade crunching numbers, reconciling accounts, filing claims, and uncovering lost revenue.

We specialize in ambulatory surgery centers like yours. When your staff is spread thin and the books seem askew, we’re the virtual partner who restores and maintains order.

Watch as our healthcare business consultants plug directly into your software-or create a new hosted system-and set up a fully transparent workflow that keeps your facility finances on track and sets you free to manage patient care and clinical quality.

Let's Keep It Transparent

We give you direct access to everything we’re doing.

If you’re telling yourself that all medical billing agencies are the same, let us assure you that no—they’re not. Here’s what most other companies do: they transfer data from your system to theirs, crunch the numbers, and then spoon-feed information and results back to you. You’re not included in the process and have limited (or no) access to what that 3rd party agency is doing with your data.

But in2itive wants you in the know.

in2itive does one of 2 things: we plug into your existing software system (we’re experienced with a wide variety of billing software) or set up a new hosting solution with our software vendor partners. Either way, we give you direct access to everything we’re doing—charges entered, claims filed, payments posted, analytic reports, etc.—and keep all of your data with your facility. This guarantees there’s nothing lost in a data transfer and everyone is working with the same, up-to-date information at all times.

We’re Not Taking Over

We’re just here to keep things on track.

Of course, for those who do need a comprehensive business office solution, we’ve got everything you need. However, you know your business, and we respect that. We also respect that different facilities have different needs, which means you may not be looking for a full-time business office solution with all the bells and whistles. That’s why we’re happy to offer customizable contract terms.

Just tell us what you need. Man down for medical leave? We’ll do a short-term contract to ensure nothing goes haywire during the absence. Looking for third party input regarding how to improve operations? Let’s set up a consultation-we love sharing our opinion!

Simply put, we’re here to be part of your team, not rule it.

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