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Revenue Cycle Solutions Optimized for Surgical Centers

Getting the first few steps right is crucial to setting your revenue cycle up for clean claims and timely payments. We utilize technology enhancements to conduct eligibility checks and demographic verification, determining if prior authorization is needed and/or present.

By automating front-end tasks, in2itive generates a detailed and accurate estimate to proactively educate patients about their financial responsibility — the total cost of their procedure, how much insurance will cover, and their estimated balance. We collect patient responsibility upfront to ensure your facility is properly paid as soon as possible, working closely with front office staff to optimize registration denial reduction to eliminate front-end bottlenecks.

Before claims go out the door, we comb through every detail to ensure your center is on the fast track to reimbursement. Our tech-enhanced platform conducts secondary pre-claim eligibility checks, ensuring the subscriber, ID number, and date of birth are included in the claim, with subsequent reconciliations between the claim and live patient documentation reports to ensure completeness.

We leverage customized claim edits with a specific rubric for client claims to reduce errors and, once claims turn into reimbursement, our automation-supported payment posting platform immediately and accurately assigns payments to each case.

in2itive’s proprietary account management system harnesses the expertise of our management-level staff to implement an effective aging strategy to increase visibility and reduce A.R. Our platform seamlessly transfers claims to appropriate members of your team for adjudication, with real-time visibility into how frequently claims are worked.

By maximizing visibility into A.R. workflows, we help centers identify which aspects of their aging need the most attention, with detailed insights into aging by payer, by claim count, and by aging bucket.

Maintaining accurate fee schedules within your billing system is a labor-intensive and time-consuming task. in2itive alleviates this burden by ensuring every payer properly reimburses your center to the terms of your contract, in addition to automatically updating quarterly and annual boosts in reimbursement rates.

With fee schedules accurate and up to date, our ASC partners have total peace of mind that they’re getting reimbursed in full for their services. Most importantly, when you know what you’re owed by insurance, you can see that in2itive is truly collecting every dollar possible for your center!

Transparency and data are the future of revenue cycle management — and in2itive is leading the charge! We provide a live client portal with robust analytics capabilities and connectivity, making it easy to share documents, securely transfer files, and access our reporting insights to make informed financial decisions.

in2itive seeks to be a long-term partner and our revenue cycle solution is designed to align our team with your in-house efforts. We forecast trends, identify gaps, and collaborate on new strategies to make revenue growth easy, quick, and sustainable.

A Team Developed for ASC Success

At in2itive Business Solutions, we enhance your center’s success by customizing a revenue cycle solution that reduces administrative burdens, optimizes routine tasks and allows your staff to focus on patient care and engagement. Our accounts receivable team has ASC-specific expertise to handle all aspects of the revenue cycle from initial visit to final follow-up with the responsible party. Each client benefits from the support of:

RCM Insights

Revenue cycle management can make or break the success of ambulatory surgery centers. See how expertise in ASC RCM can put you on the path to better financial clarity and control.

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The Importance of Front-End RCM

Decreasing your facility’s open A.R. begins with effective front-end RCM before the date of service.

Optimizing front-end RCM begins with financial clearance, including capturing benefits information, obtaining prior authorizations, accurately documenting demographic information, verifying insurance, and obtaining pre-service collection. Learn how in2itive integrates technology to make that easier than ever for ASCs.

Mission-Critical Billing Practices for New ASCs

Mission Critical Billing Strategies for New ASCs

Download our guide to discover the top billing strategies every new ASC should leverage to maximize billables from day one, and identify the pitfalls that cause revenue leakage and cashflow problems.

Is your current revenue cycle solution costing your surgery center money?

Do any of these revenue cycle red flags sound familiar?

If the answer to any of the above is YES (or worse, you don’t know the answer because you’re unable to track RCM metrics), scheduling a free evaluation of your current RCM solution may help uncover challenges that are costing your ASC revenue.

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