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A New Approach to Complex Surgical Coding

Our coding solution for ambulatory surgery centers marries precision and process. We seamlessly retrieve your operative reports, code to the highest level of specificity, and enter codes directly into your billing system to reduce time-to-bill. Having a certified coding specialist on your team guarantees accuracy that saves both time and money.

ASC Coding Success: 4 Vital Components

Guaranteed 95% Accuracy Rating:

There are very few certified professional coders who specialize in the needs of an ambulatory surgery center. Depending on the owner of the company, corporation, or hospital, as well as local area rules and regulations, the codes and modifiers that are used will change. Our team has the training and experience to guarantee accuracy that will help you see a larger, more stable bottom line. Guaranteed 95% accuracy means that you can take care of your patients knowing that we have coded your procedure to the highest level of specificity.

Annual Coding Audit:

To ensure high accuracy and results, in2itive Business Solutions contracts an external team to perform an audit on the coding done at your location. This transparent process holds us accountable and confirms excellence. We pride ourselves on our commitment to reliability that lets you go home every day with peace of mind. Our coders are held to high standards. We strive to get things right and make a commitment to help your team succeed.

Continuously Measured for Quality Assurance:

On top of the external coding audit, we work as a data-driven team. Analyzing charges, processing times, the rate of insurance denials, payments, and calls for documentation allow us to always have an eye on the system in place to ensure that it is working. We know that you cannot afford to waste time fixing errors that should not have happened in the first place.

Ongoing Oversight & Evaluation:

ASC codes are perpetually changing. At in2itive Business Solutions, we are constantly keeping an eye out on what is working and what needs to be improved. We strive for accuracy to maximize performance and provide you with strong financials. When it comes to ASC coding we know the ins and outs of modifiers, primary and sequela codes, insurance-based modifiers, and how to code appropriately for any provided patient scenario.

Compliance is Crucial for ASCs

Coding for Ambulatory Surgical Centers can be complex, especially when it comes to following ASC procedural vs. private practice medical center coding policies. An incorrect choice of code can reduce your overall reimbursement and have long term repercussions for profitability.

in2itive’s CMS and AMA compliant team of certified professional coders help ASCs avoid state and federal compliance issues while preventing inaccuracies to ensure claims are filed and processed efficiently.

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ASC Billing Checklist

Daily, weekly, monthly, and even end-of-year tasks can be a lot to manage if you’re not familiar with the ASC billing cycle. Download this free guide to ensure nothing gets overlooked.

Is your current coding process costing your facility money?

Do any of these revenue cycle red flags sound familiar?

If the answer to any of the above is YES (or worse, you don’t know the answer because you’re unable to track these metrics), scheduling a free evaluation of your current coding solution may help uncover challenges that are costing your practice revenue.

Revenue Cycle Audit Service

Uncover existing errors and delays that are slowing your revenue cycle down with a revenue cycle audit from in2itive.

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