Scaling Success: How an RCM Partner Can Propel Growth for Orthopedic ASCs

Scaling Success: How an RCM Partner Can Propel Growth for Orthopedic ASCs

In the fast-paced world of orthopedic ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), efficient revenue cycle management (RCM) is crucial for both operational success and financial health. While your center is focused on providing top-tier patient care, it must also operate as a business to continue offering advanced technology and skilled providers. This is where a robust RCM solution comes into play — but not just any solution will do. Orthopedic ASCs face unique challenges that require specialized attention, allowing leadership teams to stay focused on patient care, growth, and meeting regulatory and compliance requirements.

The Importance of Effective RCM for Orthopedic ASCs

Orthopedic procedures are highly complex, making the documentation, coding, and billing processes intricate. Even the best in-house team can make mistakes or overlook important details, especially when navigating the maze of reimbursements for high-cost devices. Orthopedic implants often stand in the way of full reimbursement, with granular billing requirements that can only be mastered by a deeply experienced billing team. Likewise, capturing and collecting every billable charge for high-dollar procedures, specifically total joint replacements, is mission-critical to your center’s cash flow, yet most billing teams lack the bandwidth and resources to drive consistent and complete reimbursement.

Beyond complex billing, your team must manage diverse payer requirements and stay updated on changing fee schedules. Successfully submitting and processing claims is critical for your bottom line. The right RCM solution alleviates the burden on your billing office, safeguards workflows from errors and delays, and lets your staff focus on clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

The Benefits of Partnering With an ASC Rev Cycle Specialist

Orthopedic ASCs are increasingly partnering with specialized RCM experts to improve revenue. These partnerships offer:

Financial Performance Optimization: Expert partners minimize the risk of details slipping through the cracks, streamlining billing processes, reducing errors, and expediting claims processing to boost profitability.

Strategic Growth Support: Engaging an RCM partner frees up internal resources, allowing your center to focus on expanding service lines and entering new markets.

Expertise and Advanced Technology: An RCM partner provides access to the latest technology and seasoned billing expertise, optimizing revenue from day one.

Unlocking Expansion and Innovation with External RCM Partners

With more time and revenue, your center can innovate and grow. By partnering with an external RCM specialist, orthopedic ASCs can experience significant financial and operational benefits. For instance, an orthopedic surgery center handling approximately 900 cases per month saw a 13% increase in net revenue and a 14% increase in net collections within just one year. This additional revenue allows centers to invest more heavily in cutting-edge medical technologies and procedures, ensuring long-term success. By reallocating these funds, ASCs can provide more comprehensive and competitive care, ultimately enhancing patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes. Partnering with an expert RCM provider empowers your center to focus on strategic growth and innovation while maintaining a robust financial foundation.

Choosing the Right Orthopedic RCM Partner

Selecting the right revenue cycle partner is crucial. Consider these factors:

  1. Do they specialize in the ambulatory surgery center sector?
  2. Are they familiar with the billing needs of an orthopedic center?
  3. What technology enhancements do they offer?
  4. Do they have a track record of revenue optimization?
  5. Do they offer business intelligence and healthcare analytics?
  6. How well-rated is their customer service?

in2itive is a trusted partner in the orthopedic ASC space, committed to driving tangible results and fostering long-term relationships. We empower centers with the knowledge, technology, and optimizations needed to enhance revenue cycle performance and financial health.

Ready to elevate your ASC’s financial health? Contact in2itive today to explore the benefits of having an expert orthopedic revenue cycle team on your side.

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