Staging a Surgery Center for Billing Success: How in2itive Partnered With a Facility to Prime Its Business Office for Immediate Growth

Staging a Surgery Center for Billing Success

The Client

Since 2018, this ambulatory surgery center has offered outpatient endoscopic procedures and total joint replacement surgeries in its four operating rooms. With a team of 30, the client was optimized for clinical proficiency but lacked ASC-specific billing expertise. The inability to provide adequate space for a billing office further exacerbated revenue cycle management challenges, prompting the facility to seek out a specialized billing partner to ensure their business office was primed to support their planned, and later realized, massive growth.

The Challenges

Unlike standard medical practices, ASCs grapple with higher barriers to revenue. Diverse specializations meant a steeper learning curve in billing, coding, and claims processing for the client’s billing team. A lack of space for a billing office made it difficult for the team to communicate and collaborate effectively. The surgery center realized out of the gate that achieving the financial performance they needed required external expertise. Just when the leadership team was about to partner with a more conventional RCM partner, a different approach to billing and coding emerged — one that more closely aligned with their goals.

Finding the Right Fit

Before committing to an RCM large-scale provider, the ASC connected with in2itive through a last-minute referral. in2itive’s small-town service and strong focus on relationships immediately sparked the client’s interest and played a pivotal role in the decision-making process. 

What set in2itive apart, in addition to ASC-specific expertise, was its highly personalized approach and deep-seated emphasis on client relationships. Despite reservations around pricing, the promise of not just profit maximization, but an enhanced billing environment, made the choice clear to the ASC that in2itive was the right partner.

Transformative Results

Onboarding involved extensive consultations with the center’s leadership and billing staff, leading to comprehensive strategy discussions. Understanding the client’s unique challenges allowed in2itive to create a tailored solution, integrating full-service RCM with top-tier cloud-based ASC billing software.

The Results

Partnering with in2itive from the start ensured optimal revenue capture and reimbursement from day one, driving continual year-over-year revenue increases and significant savings in facility resources. Additionally, in2itive’s vast ASC revenue cycle knowledge empowered the ASC’s team to adeptly handle RCM challenges. By facilitating a profitable, efficient, and scalable workflow before its doors even opened, in2itive helped the client maximize every revenue opportunity generated by its team of sought-after physicians, driving measurable success on both clinical and financial levels.

“Teamwork is very important to our culture and [in2itive] has always been a “part of the team” and never separated themselves as a different entity. I have been very pleased with their due diligence with the payers and keeping on top of the rate changes, etc.”
– ASC Leadership

Every ambulatory surgery center has its unique set of challenges, but the journey of this client serves as a testament to what can be achieved with the right partnership and tailored solutions. By addressing foundational issues, embracing specialized expertise, and focusing on both financial and operational nuances, in2itive can help ASCs turn obstacles into opportunities. The transformation underscores the importance of aligning with a partner who understands the intricacies of the ASC landscape and is committed to co-creating success.

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