You Can Trust in2itive to Generate Your Facility’s Maximum Revenue

You can trust in2itive to generate your facility’s maximum revenue

Trust. One of the most, if not the most, important components of any relationship. Nobody wants to (or should) hand the reins of their business office to a billing provider that they don’t feel 100% comfortable with. At in2itive, we take our responsibilities very seriously and understand the importance of learning and keeping your trust, now more than ever with unanswered questions regarding the coronavirus. However, there is no question when it comes to our trustworthiness and loyalty in these uncertain times. We have made necessary adjustments on our side as a result of the virus and continue to work diligently as an extension of your billing office. Nothing has changed in that regard.

What sets in2itive apart from other providers in the industry? We earn our clients’ trust through our transparency and our open communication. We believe that our transparency benefits both in2itive and our clients. We work out of your existing billing system so you can see exactly what our team members are doing. We provide monthly overview reports to our full-service billing clients; the report breaks down the cases, revenue, contractual write-offs, collections, and more so you can be the judge of how we, as the billing provider, have performed. The reports also allow us to pinpoint red flags and further investigate potential concerns so we can correct any issues and prevent them from happening again. Additionally, we are able to use the report for trending purposes to help you predict cashflow now, when you need these numbers most.

No matter the size of the facility, we always have at least six in2itive team members working diligently to maximize your center’s revenue. These roles include a Manager of Client Services, a Revenue Cycle Specialist, a Medical Coder, a Medical Payment Specialist, a Medical Billing Specialist, and a Patient Services Representative. We provide our clients with contact information for every in2itive team member assigned to their facility. We have open lines of communication and ensure that our clients are able to directly reach out to every team member. We find that this method to be more productive and efficient when compared to providing clients with a general phone number where any of 50 employees answer the phone, which is how most billing companies operate. Our Managers meet weekly with the teams assigned to our clients; additionally, we have monthly calls that include the client and the in2itive team to keep that line of communication and trust at the forefront.  

You can trust in2itive to generate your facility’s maximum revenue. Contact us today using the form below, you won’t regret it! Or better yet, give us a call at 855-208-5566!

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