You’re invited to The Top 5 Webinar

You're invited to The Top 5 Webinar

Within your ASC, you have numerous areas that require your focus – from patient care to physician schedules and inventory, you’re being pulled in every direction. With so much to remember and so many balls to juggle, things oftentimes fall to the wayside; errors go unnoticed, changes unimplemented, and revenue unseen.

Watch The Top 5 Webinar: How ASCs are Saving Money replay and hear from the experts of in2itive Business Solutions + PREFcards on ways to grow your revenue without growing your workload. Meet the subject matter experts sharing their Top 5 tips:

Jessica Robertson

Jessica Robertson
Director of Revenue Cycle, in2itive Business Solutions

Chad Ramos

Chad Ramos
CEO, PREFcards™

Michael Tompkins

Michael Tompkins
Client Services Manager, in2itive Business Solutions

With insight and information that will help your ASC in a multitude of ways, The Top 5 Webinar is free for you to enjoy. Watch Now!

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