The Answer to Upfront Collections: in2itive Patient Estimator Tool

The Answer to Upfront Collections: in2itive Patient Estimator Tool

I certainly hope you’ve been paying attention to the recent news coming from in2itive. If not, you’re probably missing out on your slice of healthcare’s $45.9 billion pie.

Yes. I said $45.9 billion. And no, that’s not a typo.

That’s how much money U.S. healthcare facilities have lost in uncompensated care costs. In one year (2012). But in2itive Business Solutions is doing its damnedest to bring this to a screeching halt.

Earlier this month, we announced our partnership with Medical Recovery Services—we’ve been working with them to develop what we call a patient estimator tool, which is user-friendly software designed for one thing: empowering hospitals and ASCs to collect patient payment before the delivery of service.

We all know it can be daunting and uncomfortable to have to ask patients for money, but it’s thankless and unproductive to have to chase those payments on the backend. Our clients are involved in healthcare to serve others but not work for free, and it seems unlikely that you feel any different. But how do you collect the payments you’re owed without having to arm-wrestle a patient?

The in2itive Patient Estimator Tool. It prompts you to enter specific information related to a patient’s treatment, insurance, co-pay and balance, and then produces a detailed estimate that you can share with the patient and keep in their file. What good does it do? It tells patients that your facility has a process and a professional structure that collects upfront, plus it makes the patient fully aware of their financial obligation before they ever go into a procedure.

Keeping patients clearly and simply informed of their obligations is a big part of your battle, and it’s one we can help you succeed in. Plus, when they make an initial payment, patients are essentially making an investment in their treatment, which makes them more likely to complete the subsequent payment schedule.

And as someone who is not the most tech-savvy, even I can use this software—not to mention, in2itive maintains the software for you and even customizes it with your procedure costs and CPT codes. That means you have no excuse to not jump on board. This tool will immediately improve your facility’s cash flow and reduce your bad debt by limiting the number of accounts you toss into the 120+ day bucket. Combine that with in2itive’s unrivaled customer service and comprehensive suite of offerings and you’ve got a knockout game plan for A/R success.

If your facility is struggling with upfront collections, don’t be convinced that that’s “just the way it is.” You can collect what you’re owed. And I know you want to. Call me at 913.344.7837, or contact in2itive, and let’s talk about getting you that slice of pie.

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