Choose the Right Partner for Your Facilities’ Outsourcing Needs

Choose the Right Partner for Your Facilities' Outsourcing Needs

When you’re ready to outsource all or part of your billing, it can be difficult to choose the right partner for your facility. Stephanie Kirby, Administrator at Surgery Center at the Forum, found herself in this situation about a year and a half ago. We sat down with her to learn more about her experience onboarding and working with in2itive.

Surgery Center at the Forum (Forum) has been open for five years and is located in Columbia, Missouri. It’s an ophthalmology center where six physicians utilize two Operating Rooms and one Procedure Room. When there was no longer a full-time biller on staff, Stephanie and the Board of Directors knew they wanted to outsource their billing, but they weren’t quite sure where to start or what questions to ask. After posting on ASCA’s website, Stephanie received several referrals to billing companies and, to her credit, made contact with almost every single one. Stephanie appreciated in2itive’s forthcoming approach during the sales process and being guided through the revenue cycle, step by step. She and Forum’s Board of Directors agreed in2itive was the right fit.

Naturally, they had some apprehension about the onboarding process. However, they found when working with in2itive that “(onboarding) was one of the simplest things I’ve ever gone through. When I hear the word onboarding it gives me automatic anxiety because I know it’s going to be a huge process… but it was so simple. You guys just took the ball and ran with it. It was really a great process and any kinks that we had were ironed out so quickly. It was a very smooth, seamless process.”

Now that Stephanie and Surgery Center at the Forum have been clients for over a year, they have gotten to know their entire in2itive team and feel comfortable communicating directly with each member or with their account manager, depending up on the situation. She appreciates the ongoing transparency in2itive offers. She said of her team at in2itive, “If I go to them with a problem, they really advocate for it to be fixed. I’ve never heard, ‘there’s nothing we can do to fix it.’ It’s so nice and refreshing to work with a team like that.”

We asked Stephanie what her favorite thing is about working with in2itive and she said, “Anytime we have a patient issue they are willing to jump on it and figure it out and help the patients. (in2itive) understands that the patients are our business. (in2itive) takes great care of our patients and we appreciate that.”

At in2itive, we love happy clients and patients. If you’ve been considering outsourcing your billing but don’t quite know where to start, drop a comment below! One of our sales consultants would be happy to contact you and walk you through the entire process.

Leave us a comment below or give us a call today at 855-208-5566!

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