Preparing your ASC for 2022

Preparing your ASC for 2022

As the year comes to a close, it is time to reflect on 2021 and finish preparing for 2022. Whether it’s new rulings and regulations coming into play or your ASC is implementing updated policies and procedures, now is the time to dot your i’s and cross your t’s as we move into the coming 12 months.

With the slower winter months ahead, use this time to make sure to review any changes taking place within your ASC, and ensure all affected staff are trained accordingly before caseloads increase as we head into spring.

Unsure where to start? Here are a few of our recommendations for readying your ASC for 2022!

Review and Update Fee Schedules

Is your ASC ready for the CMS’ 2022 Ambulatory Surgical Center Payment Center Final Rule to go into effect? On January 1, 2022, ASCs and outpatient departments will see changes such as the reversal of previous policies along with updated ASC payments, and it is pertinent that your ASC and its practicing physicians are educated and prepared.

Along with reviewing the changes, it is time to review and upload any new/updated fee schedules into your billing system so your center is ready to hit the ground running in 2022.

Curious about the benefits of uploading your fee schedules into your billing system?

  • Knowing your contracted allowable and having it readily available will allow you to provide your patients with more accurate estimates
  • Estimate and collect some (or all) patient responsibility prior to the procedure.
  • Ensure you are receiving the maximum reimbursement for each procedure.
  • Evaluate your cases to ensure they are profitable for your center.
  • Enter contractual write offs on accounts at the time of billing in order to carry a more accurate reflection of your Net Outstanding A/R.

Prepare for the No Surprises Act
On January 1, 2022, the No Surprises Act begins to go into effect. This act contains many pieces that will affect ASCs nationwide – will your center be impacted?

From Good Faith Estimates to Dispute Resolution provisions and more, it is important that you understand how the act will apply within your ASC and prepare your staff for any changes that need to be implemented.

To learn more about the bill and access resources, take a look at CMS’ No Surprise Act page.

To learn more about provisions that may impact your ASC, check out ASCA’s Requirements Related to Surprise Billing: Part One and Part Two.

Schedule your Audits

Set your center up for success before the new year even begins – implement your quarterly coding and revenue cycle audits throughout 2022 to keep eyes on all facets of your billing office. Remember, we recommend quarterly audits performed by different entities (2+) to reduce bias and increase the likelihood of catching all errors in a timely fashion.

By scheduling your years-worth of audits now, you will be able to focus more readily on other areas of your ASC, and not have to fly by the seat of your pants as you scramble to complete an audit when the end of the year looms.

Curious to learn about in2itive’s auditing solutions? Learn more about our Revenue Cycle Audit and Coding Audit.

Have questions about setting your center up for success in 2022? Give us a call at 1(855)208-5566 and let’s chat! Our team of dedicated professionals are here to help.

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