The Results Are In: New Report Dives Into Improved Revenue Cycle Performance

The Results Are In: New Report Dives Into Improved Revenue Cycle Performance

If you’re wondering what success looks like when you partner with in2itive, new results from an independent data analysis firm shed some light on what you can expect. The study looked at the impact of in2itive’s revenue cycle management (RCM) services on the financial performance of a sample of clients over an 18-month time frame.

Quantifying ASC Revenue Cycle Success

The report analyzed revenue cycle data from in2itive clients performing services in an ambulatory services setting. Among the 10 key metrics evaluated, the most notable findings include:

Greater Net Revenue per Case

To determine net revenue per case, the study compared 12-month averages before and after the clients worked with in2itive. On average, the clients earned $1,350 more per case — a significant increase of 26.34%. One client generated over 75% more net revenue per case.

Fewer Days in AR

After partnering with in2itive for 18 months, these clients saw an average decrease in AR time by 104 days. This figure represents the charges owed for the past 90 days of services. Overall, the clients reported a -36.10% change in their AR days over the time period. Likewise, yearly AR averages consistently remained below the industry standard of 50 days for most clients. For those facing considerable challenges with their AR time, in2itive made significant improvements in collection rates.

Lower Percentage of AR Days Over 120

In addition to looking at standard AR days, the report assessed in2itive’s ability to help clients get paid on time and in full by tracking the percentage of AR days over 120. Ideally, this value should stay between 12% and 25% for businesses in the healthcare industry. For two years in2itive kept AR days over 120 below the 25% benchmark for all five clients.

Higher Net Collection Percentage

To get a clear picture of in2itive’s collection rate success, the study compared how much revenue was collected against the expected revenue for each case. For the study duration, the in2itive team kept each client’s net collection percentage close to or above 100%, meaning very little money was left on the table.

Want to See These Results in Your ASC? You Can!

At in2itive, we’re passionate about what we do — and it shows. These data speak to the quality and revenue-driving impact of our specialized RCM solutions. We’re always excited to see how our hard work pays off — namely, in the form of more revenue, less AR time, and more robust facility profitability.

Keep in mind that this report is just a snapshot of the work we do day in and day out for each of our valued partners. We ensure each billing team has all the resources, information, and seasoned expertise they need to make the best financial decisions for their facilities. By partnering with in2itive, you can help your ASC achieve its business goals and generate revenue like never before. Our virtual team is here to help meet your RCM, billing, coding, and AR needs with expert guidance and custom-made solutions.

Looking for an RCM solution proven to drive success? Let’s discuss your needs and put together a customized plan to get you the best results.

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