Another Stay of Execution! Are You ICD-10 Ready?

Another Stay of Execution! Are You ICD-10 Ready?

Change happens quickly and constantly in healthcare, and it’s especially true if you’re a coder. Coders are almost always prepared for something else to change in their systematic way of doing things and they know that if they don’t a

dapt quickly and adapt well, they can bring the whole system to a screeching halt. It’s no wonder coders tend to be a more—persnickety lot.

Most coders—and their employers—are now well aware of the bill that was passed by the Senate at the end of March, delaying ICD-10 implementation once again. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to sit back and procrastinate on readiness. We’ve caught a break, coders! That means if you’re already eyeball-deep in training, keep it up, because you can’t be too prepared once this system goes into full swing and everyone will be looking to you for assistance and answers.

For those who haven’t yet tackled training, or were feeling behind in their effort, here’s your opportunity for redemption.

I understand the temptation to fall behind in training. I dreaded the new system implementation this year because I have a daughter getting married in October—coding systems and wedding planning don’t mix. But I knew that a lack of preparedness would be the death of me. So I’ve looked to every available resource and tackled training anyway. With this latest reprieve, I have high hopes of sanely planning my daughter’s wedding and completing additional training.

If you’re wondering where to start your training, look first to your employer—they need your expertise and accuracy and are willing to help you develop it. Beyond that, you have two ideal sources for direction, training and troubleshooting: AAPC and AHIMA. Both of these organizations offer everything you could want or need for certification or training, and they can even direct you to conferences and other events that might prove useful.

In addition to training, make sure your company is completing ICD-10 gap analysis; this important series of assessments, which in2itive offers to every one of our clients, evaluates your overall readiness for ICD-10 implementation by reviewing challenges, IT requirements, hospital operations, physician practices, budget and more.

I know you feel like the system is crying wolf, and maybe you’ve even convinced yourself that it’ll be years before ICD-10 is implemented, but don’t be the lone untrained coder who’s left crying, “What?! They’ve actually done it?” when it’s all online. It’s time to get on board.

Contact Tracey Erbert at 913-344-7002 to learn more about how in2itive can keep you on track!

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