5 Things to Look For in an RCM Partner

5 Things to Look For in an RCM Partner

Seamless revenue cycle management (RCM) is critical to building profitability and guaranteeing success — you shouldn’t hand it over to just anyone. To help narrow the search for the ideal RCM partner, we’ve gathered a few of the most important qualities.

#1 | A Core Focus On Building Relationships

You can’t have a fruitful relationship without trust — a fact that rings true, especially for RCM relationships. If your RCM partner doesn’t take the time to get to know you and your team, it’s likely that they aren’t paying enough attention to the needs of your revenue cycle. Outsourcing alone can be intimidating, but trusting your billing to a company that doesn’t provide the same level of care to your revenue cycle that you do to your patients means you might not be getting paid what you deserve.

#2 | Customizable Solutions for Your ASC’s Specific Needs

Patient care is not a one-size-fits-all venture — the needs of your revenue cycle will undoubtedly reflect that. If no two ASCs are exactly the same in scope and scale of service, then no two RCM solutions should be identical, either. The best RCM partner is one who can immediately figure out what challenges your billing team currently faces and circle back with tailored solutions to address those problems. Look for the RCM team that maintains regular contact with your ASC’s internal team to keep track of what’s working, what’s not, and how to improve for the future.

#3 | Expertise in ASC Billing Complexities

Where standard physician billing follows specialized guidelines for coding and billing, ASC billing teams must accommodate each billing complexity covering dozens of services for several unique specialties. Sounds easy, right? To make the most of your revenue opportunities, partner with a billing team that’s laser-focused on the ASC revenue cycle. This level of expertise is what your ASC needs to dodge revenue-threatening roadblocks before they even appear.

#4 | Results-Driven Staff

Communication, trust, and expertise are all incredibly important in your RCM relationship, but above all, you’re probably looking for one specific value: revenue growth. And that makes perfect sense — you need the margins to pay your bills and keep your doors open. Don’t be fooled by an RCM vendor that sings the praises of its team without showing the numbers to back it up. Instead, be on the lookout for a company that leverages its team of trusted billing and coding experts to strengthen your revenue cycle for unprecedented growth.

#5 | Complete Reporting Transparency

Choosing to outsource doesn’t mean giving up control of your revenue cycle. The right RCM partner will keep you in the loop and provide complete visibility into all of your billing and reimbursement data. Even though your team won’t be responsible for overseeing the ins and outs of each claim, you still deserve unlimited access to each key performance indicator for RCM performance. This enhanced financial transparency enables more informed decision-making and prevents unwanted revenue cycle surprises down the road.

Finding an RCM partner that meets all five of these criteria may seem impossible. Where most companies fail to provide the complete, ASC-first billing solution, in2itive steps in with an experienced team proven to grow ASC revenue. Choose in2itive for a team that prioritizes all five of these values to help take your revenue cycle from good to great.

Looking for an RCM partner to meet your ASC’s specific needs? Reach out! The in2itive team can close the gaps in your revenue cycle and position your ASC for lasting success.

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