ASC Revenue Cycle Management Case Study, Part 2

ASC Revenue Cycle Management Case Study, Part 2

A modern day fairytale at the Ambulatory Surgery Center…

Pend Oreille Surgery Center LLC (POSC)
Ambulatory Surgery Center • Ponderay, Idaho

“…accounts receivable is a challenging scene where there are countless obstacles and multiple ways of doing the same thing”

What we discovered at POSC is something in2itive comes across often. ASC business office management and accounts receivable is a challenging scene where there are countless obstacles and multiple ways of doing the same thing—with plenty of opposing thoughts on which way is “best” or “right.” While the business office staff at POSC was on-target and highly capable, they didn’t have an ideal or consistent process in place and that led to poor cash flow.

These days, in2itive and POSC are going steady. While the POSC staff and leaders maintain the business helm, we’re working right behind them, keeping every process on track—and together we’ve turned cash flow into a solid stream. We’re now proud to provide the following services:

  • Insurance and Patient Billing Cash Flow
  • Payment Posting
  • Account Receivable/Reconciliation/Follow Up
  • Month-End Close & Reporting

We know what you’re thinking. “The proof is in the pudding,” right? Well take a look at these numbers from POSC, showing their cash flow increase from October 2013 (when in2itive came on board) through January 2014—and keep in mind that throughout this time period, the case count remained consistent with previous months.

Pend Oreille Surgery Center Cash Flow

Sep. 2013Oct. 2013Nov. 2013Dec. 2013Jan. 2014
Avg Days to Drop Claim8121166
Avg Days in A/R4736383721
Total A/R$192,368$260,172$275,218$262,657$181,719
Month-End Collections$83,216$104,133$129,522$155,040$174,038

The relationship between in2itive Business Solutions and Pend Oreille Surgery Center isn’t a classic fairytale , but it’s a story with serious takeaway. If you’re an ASC that’s considered outsourcing its billing solutions, but fear it may not be the model for you, just remember that we can:

  • Improve your billing process
  • Keep your daily office functions consistent
  • Increase your cash flow
  • Lower account days in A/R

And we can do it all on your terms, whether you’re looking for a short-term fix or long-lasting contract.

Contact our princess Jocelyn Gaddie Vice President, Business Development at 913.344.7837 to learn more.

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