Managing Performance With Billing Software Updates

Managing Performance With Billing Software Updates

Software and technology is a mainstay in today’s ASC business office. Whether it’s to gather and analyze data, verify insurance or estimate a patient’s financial obligation, IT-based automation keeps the revenue cycle management (RCM) process moving quickly and efficiently.

With that in mind, it’s important to keep your RCM software up-to-date. Just like your home computer requires regular updates and maintenance, so your ASC technologies need to be monitored, updated and, from time to time, replaced altogether. But if a system doesn’t automatically let you know that it’s in need of attention—how will you know?

Stay On Top of Updates, Ahead of Claims

As computer platforms change and processing systems evolves, software-based tools and technologies have to adapt. And when software adapts, those who rely on them must update. For ASC billing software, it may be annual updates that your vendor manages for you, but there will be times when updates have to be completed more frequently.

For instance, when ICD-10 took hold, software systems across the industry demanded new updates and installations as vendors and creators worked to ensure their clients would stay on top of new regulations.

Can’t remember when your billing software was last updated? It’s always worth a call to your vendor to inquire about any updates that are due or that may be due in the near future.

Remember—Technology Should Make Life Simple

If your facility’s billing software cannot manage a claim from start to finish, or if it’s failing to improve overall efficiency, it may be time to consider an alternative. Billing software should allow business office staff to manage coding accuracy, claim status, payment reminders, patient follow up, and more. But if claims are falling through the cracks or there are holes in the software processing capability, take stock of alternative options and find the solution that will boost your center’s performance.

Not sure what to expect from your software systems or have questions about when to upgrade? Contact in2itive to learn more about today’s best billing software options and let our team guide you toward the perfect solution.

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