Implementing the ASC Billing Checklist

Implementing the ASC Billing Checklist

We’re making a list, we’re checking it twice.

Actually, we’re checking it daily when it comes to our ASC Billing Checklist. As you most likely know, the billing and coding process can be, well, overwhelming. During our 10+ years in the revenue cycle space, we have learned that breaking down the big picture not only makes each aspect of the revenue cycle more manageable, but also ensures the less frequent tasks don’t go forgotten or overlooked.

Being on top of your billing is crucial, but do you know where to start? Our checklist provides a tiered breakdown to guide you through your billing checks and balances, without the overwhelm, while also providing peace of mind because you know that you are on track, and nothing is getting missed within your revenue cycle.

The Breakdown

When it comes to your revenue cycle big picture, you will have 4 main tiers to tackle: daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. Comprehending each piece of the puzzle will make putting it all together effectively a much simpler, easier process.

The ASC Billing Checklist cuts out the grey area and gets straight to the point, allowing you to simply check off once a task is completed, and move directly into the next task – be it a daily, weekly, or monthly task – easily with everything housed on a single page.

Some tasks on the ASC Billing Checklist include:


  • Enter and bill charges
  • Insurance follow-up


  • Review temp coded cases
  • Run a “soft close”


  • Review credit balances
  • Issue patient refunds


  • Update billing software
  • Schedule coding audit

With 25 total tasks included on the checklist, it equips you with guidance and structure to stay organized and on schedule.

Keep it Simple

To save paper and keep the big picture in one place, we suggest printing the checklist onto card stock and laminating it, then using a dry erase marker to check off tasks. This practice allows you to clear out the daily tasks to start fresh each week, and even easily track your annual tasks without chasing your tail to recall if / when each one was completed.

We want to help you and your ambulatory surgical center reach its fullest revenue potential – and that starts with efficient and effective ASC billing management. Ready to get started? Click below to download the checklist!

Are you discovering pieces you don’t have in place as you move through the checklist? Let’s chat! in2itive is here to help build a system that allows you to shift your focus from your revenue cycle to patient care to provide top-tier services.

Contact our team today to learn how we can work alongside your ASC and bring you the revenue cycle clarity you (and your patients) deserve! Reach out to us at or give us a call at 1(855)208-5566.

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