Find Your Way to the Top at ASCA 2017

Find Your Way to the Top at ASCA 2017

For those who work in an ambulatory surgery center or represent the services that support them, ASCA 2017 is the only place to be May 3-6. Nowhere else will you find a more complete package of networking, education and advocacy opportunities, and never for a more competitive price.

With thousands of attendees and vendors onsite, the annual meeting can seem overwhelming to some, so we sat down with ASCA’s CEO, Bill Prentice, and outlined a few pro tips to help you make the most of this one-of-a-kind affair.

  1. Lobby for the Day 
    It’s been over 20 years since ASCA hosted its annual conference in the nation’s capital and we encourage attendees to take full advantage of our presence here. This is a great opportunity to visit Capitol Hill, meet with state representatives and senators, and advocate for the legislative solutions designed to benefit our industry. For attendees interested in engaging our government leaders, ASCA will offer education, training and transportation.
  2. Get Educated 
    Discover the tools and tips you need to operate an ASC efficiently and effectively. ASCA 2017 is hosting a diverse panel of speakers representing tested expertise in the financial, clinical and regulatory aspects of facility management. Dive into this educational opportunity and stay on top of your game in business operations and care delivery.
  3. Explore the Future 
    The ASCA Exhibit Hall presents endless possibilities for exploration and learning—no other conference or industry trade event can compare. Meet face-to-face with vendors like in2itive Business Solutions, representing the individual services you need to foster facility success, and pitch your questions to the industry experts who know best.
  4. Network for New Opportunities 
    No one can go it alone in healthcare, and ASCA sees to it that you don’t have to. Our conference connects you with thousands of colleagues and associates, allowing you to learn from and align with the peers and friends who will help support you, your business and your ASC career.
  5. Engage & Inquire 
    Above all else, let yourself be a sponge throughout ASCA 2017. Take advantage of every opportunity to meet with industry leaders and government representatives alike. Ask every question you can think up. Listen in to as many panels as possible and learn all that you can about every aspect of healthcare—clinical, legal, legislative, operational, and more.

About the Contributor

Bill Prentice is the CEO of ASCA. After working on Capitol Hill for a Congressional representative and later as a lobbyist in New Jersey and Washington, D.C., Mr. Prentice became involved with healthcare through the American Dental Association’s D.C. office where he managed communications and public affairs. As the ASCA CEO since 2010, Mr. Prentice remains committed to advancing the ASC model through advocacy and resource creation and distribution.

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