Are You Prepared for an Influx of Cases?

Are You Prepared for an Influx of Cases?

It’s been a little more than three weeks since CMS released their recommendation to reopen healthcare facilities and ASCs across the country are doing everything they can to safely resume all cases. While some states are in more favorable positions than others, it’s safe to say most facilities are beginning reopening plans. If you’re working on a reopening plan, you may find these resources from ASCA helpful.

Those of us who have been weathering the storm are very much looking forward to an influx of cases, but the pent-up demand for surgeries may have your facility asking the question, “How can we increase our capacity to meet this heightened demand?”

From a billing perspective, you’ll also want to ensure you are maximizing revenue while your ORs are constantly busy. You may find it difficult to meet timely filing and follow up, while also accommodating all of the new tasks pulling you away. For instance: increased scheduling, registrations, insurance verifications, patient inquiries and new screening and sanitization guidelines.

If you are concerned about meeting the demand of your new workload, even on a temporary basis, reach out to us! in2itive has always offered a la carte services so you can design the solution that best supports your facility. You know your facility best, so let us know what additional support you need and we’re happy to allocate our trained staff to help you meet demand.

Still a little unsure? That’s okay! We’ve been doing this for a long time and we have the references to prove it! We recently finished a short-term project for a center in Iowa assisting them just with their AR Over 60 Days and were able to collect over $1.5 million (on claims as old as 1,163 days!) over about a six-month period. We’d love to help you too; drop a comment below to get the conversation started!

Are you leaving money on the table?

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