How To Be A Rockstar: Accounts Receivable Specialist

How To Be A Rockstar: Accounts Receivable Specialist

in2itive’s “How To Be a Rockstar” series takes a look at the individual roles that make up an amazing business office and revenue cycle management team. Learn from our own rockstar leaders what makes each role essential, how we measure each role’s success and what tasks and obstacles come with the territory.

Meet Donna Haynes: Accounts Receivable Specialist

The business side of every medical office needs to do one thing, and that’s maximize the revenue they receive on every patient case. It’s my job to make sure our clients are seeing that maximized revenue, so I’m responsible for posting all payments and denials as they’re received from insurance companies, collections agencies and patients. Basically I’m making sure that we receive payment on all payable charges and at the appropriate contract rate.

My Territory: The Tasks & Obstacles

My work really begins with tracking down information,

especially EOBs (explanation of benefits) and bank statements. Getting this information can involve tracking it down on websites (which often seem to be down, as luck would have it), opening a ticket with my clearinghouse or calling a patient’s insurance provider. Once I have what I need, I have to make sure everything gets posted, and then my team and I balance accounts to the penny on a daily basis.

Of course, getting all the information we need on a daily basis is one of the biggest obstacles to this job. If I can’t find the EOBs, I can’t post the payments; and if I don’t ensure that we’re balancing accounts with the A/R system and cash, then the revenue cycle manager cannot close the month.

The Ticket to Success in My Role

One thing is for certain—this is not just data entry. An accounts receivable specialist deals with a lot of information and it’s important that the he or she be focused and well organized.

This is a role for someone who pays close attention to detail and isn’t shy about asking questions,

because it’s up to us to catch errors and get things right.

Math skills don’t hurt, either. And neither does an ability to stay on top of “rule” changes in the industry, especially as they relate to insurance coverage.

Beyond that, it’s just important to remember that maximizing revenue for your clients or your own facility is a team effort. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and in a healthcare business office, it takes everyone to get all aspects of the job done as efficiently as possible. And in this role, it takes a team to ensure that payments are posted accurately and on time.

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