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The revenue cycle for your ambulatory surgical center (ASC) begins the moment your staff establishes an account for a patient—and doesn’t come to a successful close until all reimbursement and patient payments have been collected. Billing for a single patient visit can take weeks or months and involves many players through the process, opening the door to errors that can reduce revenue or slow it to a crawl. A revenue cycle management (RCM) audit can alert you to errors or delays that can be remedied in order to ensure you get the revenue you’re owed in less time.

Maximize ASC Financial Performance

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How much revenue is your ASC missing out on? Learn more about how you can maximize billing, reduce A/R days and streamline efficiency.

What Specializing in ASC Revenue Cycle Means for You

At in2itive, we enhance ASC profitability by mastering the revenue cycle from the initial visit to the final follow-up with the responsible party. Our clients are partnered with with a fully detailed accounts receivable team with the expertise to handle all aspects of an ASC’s revenue cycle, including:

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in2itive Business Solutions partners with medical facilities nationwide to help maximize revenue. Headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, in2itive Business Solutions is committed to being one of the nations game-changing healthcare financial services firm. No matter where your facility calls home, our goal is to work with your business to help master your revenue cycle. Learn more about in2itive Business Solutions today!

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