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Is Your ASC Ready for the CDT Changes?

For 2024, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) included new billing codes for dental surgical procedures in ambulatory surgery centers. If your ASC is planning to implement dental procedures into your scope of care, we want to help you and your surgery center reach its fullest revenue potential.

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New Dental Billing Codes for 2024

Leverage Best Practices for CDT Implementation

For many ASCs, this is the first time that dental codes have entered your billing workflow. Take advantage of new revenue opportunities starting from day one by proactively setting your billing processes up for success. What does this look like? Collaborate with your dental providers to ensure alignment on documentation practices, integrating their preferred systems into your center’s billing system to generate complete op reports. Tap into insider knowledge from a dental coding and billing expert like in2itive to minimize the learning curve for your team to immediately capture additional revenue for your center.

Dental Coding Spotlight

Top 2 Codes to Boost Profits

Take the Guesswork Out of ASC Dental Coding

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