Business Office Consultation

Whether it’s all you need or just one piece of the puzzle, consultation and business analysis can be a real sanity-saver—it’s just easier to reach a destination if you know where you’re standing and what direction you’re facing. Let us draw the map and we’ll point you toward success!

Claims Filing & Appeals

We understand: insurance is complicated. Complex. Confusing. And it is. That’s why we make it our business to coordinate with patient insurance providers for procedure verification, file the claims once a procedure is done, and then manage the appeals process for what few denials come our way.

Billing & Payment Posting

Welcome to “Business Office 101”—the revenue basics that we put in place to keep your bottom line on the up-and-up. Quick and accurate financial work does a lot to enhance your business, so we focus on responsive patient billing, timely payment posting and ongoing account reconciliation and clean up.

ICD10 Readiness

Are you using the right code for quality cash flow? Because it makes all the difference in what your facility can expect for reimbursement. Let our medical coding experts show you how to best manage CPT-4, ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes. We’ll make it rain and even decrease denied claims.


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