Managing Performance With Billing Software Updates

21 Nov 2016, Posted by Morgan Natalie, Dir. of Operations in Billing, Healthcare, Revenue Management

Software and technology is a mainstay in today’s ASC business office. Whether it’s to gather and analyze data, verify insurance or estimate a patient’s financial obligation, IT-based automation keeps the revenue cycle management (RCM) process moving quickly and efficiently. With that in mind, it’s important…

Billing Total Joint Replacements

31 Oct 2016, Posted by Terry Coleman in Billing, Healthcare, Revenue Management

Total joint replacements are among the most common procedures in America—more than 1,000,000 of these surgeries are performed every year. Historically, total joints have been a hospital staple. But as demand for these procedures grows, and as medical technologies continue to advance, many physicians have…

Audits—Paving An Unexpected Path To Success

23 Aug 2016, Posted by Dawn Houston CPC, CASCC in Billing, Healthcare

Too many people hear the word “audit” and believe it signals trouble. But generally speaking, audits are actually a preventative measure, not a reactionary scrutinizing of financial history triggered by tax evasion. In fact, for surgery centers, hospitals and similar healthcare facilities, audits can be…

Making December Merry & Bright

16 Dec 2015, Posted by Tracey Erbert in Billing, Revenue Management

I hate to tell you this—because I’m really not sure how it happened—but it’s almost Christmas. You have precious few shopping days left on the calendar and a dwindling amount of time to plan your feast. (But if you’re lucky, you’re simply planning to join…