The Warmth of an Ice Bucket Culture

06 Oct 2014, Posted by Tracey Erbert in Uncategorized

I was never thrilled at the idea of having ice water dumped on my head—especially when I thought about how much the people dumping it on me were going to enjoy their opportunity. But aside from the fact that I was happy to support the…

Keeping the troops in line part deux

18 Sep 2014, Posted by Ericca Vaca in Uncategorized

Keep It All In Check Now you have all your ducks in a row—what are your checks and balances? How do you keep the troops in line and maintain the necessary order? Audit! You’ll hear in2itive talk about this often, because we know the true…

Keeping the troops in line

03 Sep 2014, Posted by Ericca Vaca in Uncategorized

Stay up to date on industry-related changes. If there’s one piece of advice I can offer to healthcare business offices that will forever be relevant, it’s that—know what standards, rules and expectations are current for your line of work. But of course there’s more than…

Employee Competency: The Beginning of Billing Success

11 Aug 2014, Posted by Summer Phillips in Uncategorized

“I wish I knew then what I know now.” It’s a common, honest thought. But the healthcare billing and revenue management industry is not where you want to hear this. This is an industry in which success demands employee competence, and regular evaluation of specific…

Owning the Akwardness of Healthcare Collections

22 Jul 2014, Posted by Cindy Hastings in Uncategorized

Imagine taking a trip to the grocery store with no intention of paying for your goods. You mosey around, get your groceries, wait in line while things are bagged, and then take your receipt from the checkout guy. But the checkout guy never actually states…

Driving ahead without a dashboard?

11 Jul 2014, Posted by Summer Phillips in Uncategorized

“Compliance” is a big word in the healthcare industry, since failure to comply with health standards can lead to fines, lawsuits and worse for the offending facility. That’s why every hospital and ASC should employ a corporate compliance committee to keep them in the clear….

in2itive Rocked ASCA 2014—Where Have You Been?

09 Jun 2014, Posted by Jocelyn Gaddie in Uncategorized

in2itive Business Solutions was not easily missed during the ASCA 2014 Annual Meeting in Nashville last month. We had attendees totally hooked on nostalgia with a few well-placed view-master toys (you remember these, right?) that showed the highlights of our company message, and even special…

Giving A/R A Springtime Scrub

19 May 2014, Posted by Tracey Erbert in Uncategorized

Let’s talk about spring cleaning. I’m not interested in whether you’ve found the rainy day motivation to dust the top of the fridge or sweep under the dryer—how you roll at home is your business, and you’ve got my vote if you’d rather outsource that…