It’s A Safety Line, Not A Crutch

30 Jul 2015, Posted by Jocelyn Gaddie in Billing, Healthcare, Revenue Management

Earlier this month, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), alongside the American Medical Association (AMA), announced a “grace period” that would ease transitional struggles following the switch to ICD-10. At the same time, they told us about an ICD-10 command center that would…

Don’t Let Dictation Drown Your Revenue

18 May 2015, Posted by Stacie Van Der Bosch in Billing, Healthcare, Revenue Management

Physicians are perpetually busy. It’s a fact I completely understand. Actually, in most cases that’s a gross understatement—on any given day, physicians are being pulled in a dozen different directions and they probably get dizzy trying to remember all the rules that apply to their…

Beating the Big Bad Wolf

04 May 2015, Posted by Tracey Erbert in Uncategorized

Burnout is like the big bad wolf of any work environment—you never know when he’s going to come along and try to blow the whole house down. But in my years as a business leader, I’ve learned there are plenty of effective ways to keep…